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Shauna Gra

I chose the name Shauna Gra because our beautiful daughter is called Shauna, which means "Present from God" in Irish, and "Gra" means love in Irish. So we thought combining the two fitted perfectly with what we were hoping to achieve, handcrafted gifts made with lots of love.

The story behind how we started. We attended three weddings in September 2017 and gave each couple a personalised wedding frame. The first one I made for my brother-in-law, another one for our neighbours and the last one for a close friend, they were delighted with the frames. In fact, when I gave one to my friend, she began to cry she was so pleased. Before we knew what hit us, we had our first order from her sister for two gift frames. To date, most of our orders come from repeat customers. We have made over 70 frames so far and the number is growing speedily. We export our handcrafted gifts as far away as the USA. People keep coming back for more, that's a good thing.

Why we do what we do

We noticed that most people creating handcrafted gifts were only selling them on Facebook. If they have a craft website you are not able to order what you see directly but have to contact them firstly by email. We also realised that not many offered a wide selection of prices to suit all budgets. We offer frames and cards too, so we hope that our website will fill in this gap in the market. On our website you can actually order a frame you like, submit names required and then add to your cart. So there is no waiting around on someone to respond to your email. The only thing you have to wait for is the delivery of your frame!.

How we do it

Our crafting process is unique. We use many tools to make sure our products are assembled to the highest standard. The frame background is glued firstly to the frame. The embellishments and wooden tile letters symbols are secured using high quality glues. We use mechanical aids to keep them in place until fully dried. We have a three step process for each frame, designing the layout, securing the embellishment and assembling the frame.

To ensure our products are of high quality, we regularly read customer reviews on similar products, from similar suppliers to see how we can improve our products. We also stress test all our products before shipping. This is why we allow a few days for the glue to set before posting them out. We also package our products securely using bubble wrap and extra packing. The bubble wrapped frame is then put in a specially made cardboard box to fit the frame ordered perfectly.

Just some of our happy customers, you can see all reviews on the reviews page.

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customer product reviews
customer product reviews
Customer product reviews
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