Craft Fair Tables

This blog post is all about craft fair tables. This is a sub topic to our main blog post on (Craft Fair Tips And Tricks). There are many display ideas for craft fairs, thus, the type of table you will need can vary. In general, you need a strong, steady durable table, that folds down in order to fit into your car/van. Check with the craft fair organizer as to what size table you need, then may even have some market display ideas for you to consider. Some craft fair organizers will rent you a table for the day!!. Here are some tables that would be suitable for craft fairs.

Craft Fair Foldable Table

Craft Fair Foldable Table This table can be purchases from Fruugo



Compact Foldable Table
Compact Foldable Table

This table is compact and can be purchased from AJ Products

Craft show table displays (craft fair tables)

In order to have a successful craft show event, you must put lots of thought into what type of craft fair tables you are looking for. There are many creative display ideas that will show off your products to their best. It is best to make or purchase some sort of rack, or wooden step structure, hence, using a step structure/display rack, will ensure your products can be seen and are not overlooked (see our main blog post on Craft Fair Tips And Tricks).

Craft fair display racks

Display racks can be expensive, if you wish to purchase them, therefore, you may be better off creating a diy version of them. Just a simple step structure will suffice. The size of the steps will vary, depending on what you are displaying. See the following diy display rack we created for our first craft fair.

Craft Fair Tables Steps Shauna-Gra

Craft steps like this, elevate your products, therefore they can be seen from a distance.

Craft Fair Tables - Shauna-Gra

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