Craft Fair Tips And Tricks

My first craft fair experience

This blog post (Craft Fair Tips And Tricks) is to tell you my experience of doing a Craft Fair for the first time! On the 25th November 2018, Rush Craft Fair (Dublin Ireland) had their annual craft fair. It was held in Saint Maur’s GAA Club. There were over 50 stalls, ranging from a wide selection of tasty food to handmade crafts. This blog post will give you many craft fair display tips and ideas.

Craft fair preperation, get a table!!

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The key to anything in your life is preparing. That famous phrase springs to mind (If you fail to prepare then prepare to fail). First of all, I had to take into consideration is the fair an indoor or outdoor event? The fair I attended was indoor, so I did not have to worry about staying warm. It is essential to have a table to put your products on. Make sure your table that you are going to display your goods on is sturdy and secure. There is no point in having one that will collapse with the weight of a number of items. I purchased my table for €20 in Argos but once again my husband stepped in and made it sturdier. (see Craft Fair Tips And Tricks at the end of this blog for complete list of items required).

Craft fair display steps

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I make personalised name frames and handmade cards. Therefore, I wanted to make sure my one of a kind frames could be seen. Thank God my husband loves DIY as I asked him to make me a display in the form of steps to showcase my products. If you take anything from this blog (Craft Fair Tips And Tricks), please buy or create display steps, they are vital. Its vital all your products can be seen from far away (don’t have them laying down flat on the table, this will kill your chances of being seen).

Craft Fair Tips And Tricks Diy-Display-Steps-Shauna-Gra
Craft Fair Tips And Tricks Diy-Display-Steps-Shauna-Gra

You need boxes, lots of them

Believe me, that few hours before the fair will fly in and then it’s time to put your sales face on. Also take in to account how are you going to transport your products? Do you need to get boxes, I find Ikea or Mr Price fantastic for boxes. How are you going to transport your boxes from the car to your stall? Have you got a trolley that will save you making a few trips to the car! Another alternative is suitcases with wheels.

Getting your brand out there

Make sure you have a sign with your craft name on it. This is vital to having your brand name seen, and getting your name out there. Make a banner that is big and can be seen from far away, then put it in front of your stall at eye level. Thus, people can see it and it will be in the background in photos. When people share photos from the craft fair on Facebook, your banner will probably be seen as well.

How to display products at a craft show

Just to give you an idea, I spent a few weeks designing and making products to display at the fair. One of the biggest things to take from this blog (Craft Fair Tips And Tricks), it is essential to have a wide selection of products. I also advise you to have a range of prices too. Another little tip I will give you, make sure all of your prices are visible! It can be intimidating to keep asking someone; how much is this and how much is that? The week before the event make sure you have a trial set up so you fly through it on the morning of the fair.

Craft Fair Tips And Tricks Display-Stand-Shauna-Gra
Craft Fair Tips And Tricks Display-Stand-Shauna-Gra

You can see some of our porducts here:

Baby name in a frame

Personalised family frame

Housewarming gift

Irish welcome gift

Personalised wedding frame

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Put your phone away, give out business cards

The day of the fair do not sit on your phone. Make sure you smile if someone approaches your stall but do not hop on them in pure desperation for a sale. Have your business cards at the ready in order to hand them out. Just because someone does not buy from you on the day does not mean that they are not a potential customer. Please make sure, if you have a stall at a craft fair, to have visible price tags on all of your items. This definitely helped to draw potential clients to my stall.

Craft Fair Tips And Tricks

  1. Table and table cover cloth (that covers right down to the ground on front)
  2. Display stand for your products
  3. Bubble wrap, newspapers, bags
  4. Price tags, cello tape, scissors, money bag, change, pens
  5. Receipt book (don’t forget to take peoples emails!!)
  6. Note book (take notes on the day, for your next craft fair!!)
  7. Business cards, (hand them out when people are passing by)
  8. Food and water


On the day just be yourself, smile and enjoy the experience! (and take notes) Good luck

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