Personalised baby gift frame

Personalised Baby Gift Frame

This blog is to introduce you to our colourful animal and safari themed personalised baby gift frame. First of all, are you looking to choose the perfect gift for new parents but don’t know what to choose? New parents love this particular baby name frame design. What little man wouldn’t like looking at this vibrant animal themed baby name frame. Similarly it would make an ideal baby boy christening gift. See our full range of personalised baby girl gifts on our website Shauna Gra.

This frame, and more, can be seen at the Craft Fair we participated in last year.

Baby keepsakes personalised

This baby keepsake is personalised with the baby name. I have glued animal buttons on to a cute wooden tree embellishment. I chose various types of animal buttons made up of elephant, cheetah, fox, racoon, lion, zebra and giraffe buttons. Finally placing a rustic heart on either side of the tree stump and put a lion button in the centre. Perfect for the little boy who has a jungle inspired nursery. At the top of the design I have incorporated the baby’s date of birth. I have divided the date up using little rustic hearts to separate the numbers.

Personalised baby gift frame

In this particular personalised baby gift frame, I have used seven wooden tiles. Rather than over crowding the design I recommend using between seven to nine wooden tiles in this particular baby name frame.  I stuck the wooden tree on to a blue and white stripe background. Hence, this compliments the safari animal jungle themed buttons perfectly on this personalised baby gift frame. See all our newborn baby girl presents on our Personalised Baby Frames page.

Personalised baby birth frames

Finally, to complete all my designs on this birth frame, I finish off with a handmade button in the bottom right-hand corner. If you like the look of the design but would prefer it for a little baby girl please get in touch.  I can also accommodate if you would prefer a neutral gender background as well. Customers can purchase this baby boy animal themed frame from our website. Why not avail of a matching card for an extra €2.00?. It makes your life more convenient being able to purchase a personalised frame with a handmade card at the click on a button.

Personalised baby girl photo frames

If you are looking for personalised baby girl photo frames, or baby keepsakes personalised with a picture, please contact us. Some customers like to have a personalised new baby print inserted into their frame. That would make the frame perfect as a gift for new born baby boy, or as a gift for new born baby girl.

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