Family name frames

This family tree picture frame with names is a beautiful keepsake, and is one of our most popular family name frames. The background has a vintage yet modern feel to it with an Urban city design. It has warm and natural tones in the style of background. Hence, you are able to see neutral and green hues coming through. Therefore, the colours are not over powering. The general design of the background has a city scene. This includes a bridge over a large river with modern buildings on either side. This type of frame makes ideal family tree gifts for grandparents. Hence, it also suits as a grandchildren family tree frame.

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Personalised family name frames

The wooden tiles used to make up this customized family tree really stand out on this design. Customers have previously commented as to how particular I must be choosing wooden tiles as they match so well. Hence, this design is suitable for many occasions including family tree gifts for grandparents. Clients have used the word Grandparents for their grandchildren family tree frame. Sometimes in order to make the design more appealing to the eye I add in the word (Family). It links the customized family names perfectly and makes the design easier to read too.

Family tree picture frame

I also have used little rustic hearts to the corner of some family names to finish them off. To give the design a more modern feel, I have used small little mirrors. I have then glued rustic hearts in the centre. If you are looking for a family tree photo frame, family tree gift ideas, or general family name frames gift, please contact us.

Personalised family tree picture frame

To finalise my family tree design I have used a handmade button.  This highlights to the receiver the thoughtful personalised family wall art they are receiving.  It really is a one of a kind customised family tree. Check out the rest of my personalised family name frame designs on my website Shauna Gra.  I hope you will find something you like.

Family tree gifts for grandparents

This frame also suits as a grandparents gift. A great way of saving your hard-earned cash and supporting a small business too. Don’t forget to hit like on our Facebook page Shauangra17 to keep up with all our latest special offers.  Also, please sign up to our newsletter for privileged offers to loyal customers. If you are looking for a family tree wall photo frame, or a personalised family box frame, please contact us. We have a large selection of family name frames on our website.

Personalised Family Tree Frames gift

Personalised family tree frames are our speciality. This personalised family tree picture frame has (grandad) on it with other family names as well. Any grandpa would be proud to have this frame, as a constant reminder of their lovely family and how much they care for them. Imagine grandads face when he sees this frame. He will know his family are thinking of him in this grandchildren family tree frame.

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Personalised family tree frames-04
Personalised family tree frames-04

Personalised family tree frames

This frame uses pesonalised family tree wooden letters, to spell the names on it. The background on this frame has red specs, which pick up the cute red hearts. The red hearts are placed to make the design more appealing to the eye. Hence, the tree represents a family tree, with the branches being family members. I painted the tree a silver colour to keep with the modern theme on this family tree wall frame. Because the frame is made from strong timber, it is durable and has a white modern look. It blends the new (modern frame) and the old (grandad).

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Personalised family tree print option

We also offer our customers the option of purchasing a personalised family tree print, inserted into the frames.  This is one of the most import aspects of creating personalised family tree frames. We do this to ensure our customers are never disappointed with the end product, (there is nothing worse than spending your money on a gift, then you are disappointed).

Family tree wall photo frame

If you like, you can purchase a family tree wall photo frame, with just a photo in it, or a personalised family tree framed print. Alternatively, if you are looking for family tree gifts for grandparents, or family tree gifts for parents, this frame would suit. The inspiration for this custom deep box family frame came one day I was out in the local park and saw a grandad playing with his two little grandsons. I overheard him saying (ye are my lovely family) as they fed the birds, pretending the birds are family as well.  Hence, this made the little kids laugh.