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Housewarming gift ideas, new home gifts. This blog post is to introduce our most popular house warming gift frame. It is a strong, timber frame, with attractive red background. The background has cute white leaves and flowers on it that really stand out. The frame has the words (our first home), a cute timber house key and little house. I used cute rustic hearts in the frame to give it that rustic feeling. There is a handmade timber sign on it as well. I picked a striking colour scheme (red and white) to make this frame stand out when it is hanging on a wall. When you spend your money on a house warming gift, you want to get good value and a gift that will last forever. We kept the price of this frame low for this reason. Imagine the faces of your friends, when moved into their new home, when you give them a unique gift. We also offer a gift package, when you purchase a frame, you can get a card for half price. We can make the card suite the style of the frame. So you do not even need to leave the couch to get a gift and a card. Many of our customers avail of this special offer. Our website is secure and we ship our gifts worldwide.

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Housewarming Gift Ideas

If you were wondering, what do you bring to a house warming, how much is appropriate for a housewarming gift, or, is a bottle of wine a good housewarming gift, we can answer these questions. For the price of a good bottle of wine, this frame has proven to be one of our most popular gifts. We constantly look for inspiration for our gifts. We search the internet for ideas like, house warming gifts for couples, first home gift ideas, best housewarming gifts for first home, practical housewarming gifts and handmade new home gifts. We then combine ideas and create our gifts.

New Home Gifts

When it comes to housewarming gift ideas, we think this frame has it all. The frame is tough, long lasting, and has safety glass that will not break. We have made a large range of new home gifts for our customers, and we are adding more to our website shortly. I assembled this gift frame by hand, in my craft shop here in Dublin Ireland. The background is securely fastened to the frame with special glue. All the embellishments are secured in place with special resin and tools to align them properly. We offer secure credit card payment on our website, fast shipping, and 5 star customer service. Some of our customers also ask us (what are the traditional housewarming gifts) that we offer. We will be updating our site shortly with traditional gifts. Please check back regularly.

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