Personalised Christening Gifts

Welcome to Shauna Gra, Personalised Christening Gifts blog post. This blog post is a sub post from our main blog topic on Baby And Christening Gifts, hence, you should find all the information you need. Our prices are competitive, so if you are searching for cheap christening gifts, look no further. Perhaps you are wondering what to give for christening gift?, or looking for christening photo frames. At Shauna Gra, we can offer you both christening gifts, or a christening picture frame. We have many backgrounds to choose from, both for boys and girls. Our website has secure online shopping, and you can pay with PayPal, visa, MasterCard and many other payments methods. Please see the following photos.

Personalised Christening Gifts 01
Personalised Christening Gifts 01

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Christening godparents gifts

Please see the photos to see examples of our personalised gifts for godson frames. The frame featured is our top selling frame for christening gifts for god daughters in Ireland, thus, are idea if you are searching for christening gifts ideas from godparents. The frames are strong and reliable, with safety glass that will not break, thus, are safe if your little bundle of joy picks it up. We offer fast worldwide shipping, orders are shipped within a couple of days, and orders in Ireland will have a tracking number.

Personalised Christening Gifts 04
Personalised Christening Gifts 04

Godchild gifts for baptism (personalised christening gifts)

Whether you call it christening or baptism, we can personalize a frame to suit for you. Having a godchild is very special, getting baptized is also very special, hence, a personalised frame fits in nicely. We also offer a package where you get a card for half price, once you purchase a frame. The card will suit the occasion (such as a christening) and we will personalised it if you tell us in a message. Please see the checkout options on one of our frames.

Personalised Christening Gifts 06
Personalised Christening Gifts 06




Christening Gifts Ireland

As christening gifts go, it can be difficult to find one that suits, hence, you spend hours surfing the internet to no avail. This blog post is a sub topic from our main Baby And Christening Gifts post. Here at Shauna Gra (christening gifts Ireland), we have a large selection of personalised christening gifts to choose from. We offer christening gifts from godfather, Irish baptism blessing frames, christening gifts ideas from godparents, and much more. We are based in Ireland, (we provide Celtic baby gifts, and cool baby gifts in Ireland). So, if you are wondering what to give for christening gift, please see our photos below.

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Christening Gifts Ireland 02
Christening Gifts Ireland 02

Personalised christening gifts Ireland

Whether you are looking for personalized christening gifts for godson, or personalized christening gifts for twins, we can help. We offer personalized baby frames, personalized with the baby’s name and date of birth, or date of christening. So, if you are looking for unusual christening gifts ideas, or christening gifts cheap, please see our photos below. We keep our prices low, hence, you don’t have to take out a mortgage to have a nice personalized baby gift.

Christening Gifts Ireland 03
Christening Gifts Ireland 03

Christening keepsake box frames

Our custom box frames have baby’s name, date of birth, and any other words you like, hence, they are ideal as a cute keepsake. The baby room would be perfect for the frame, or any room in your house. The frame will be a talking point when people visit the new arrival. Our box frames are made from strong, durable material, that will not fade in sunlight. All our frames have safety glass that will not break, and are wall hanging.

Christening Gifts Ireland 04
Christening Gifts Ireland 04

Christening gifts boy

If you order a frame for a boy, we can customize it with blue backgrounds, and boyish embellishments. Zoo animals like lions, tigers, elephants, bears, and more can be added to the frame. Let us know the colour of your nursery walls, and we can discuss what beset suits in terms of backgrounds and embellishments.

Christening Gifts Ireland 05
Christening Gifts Ireland 05

Baby christening gift ideas girl

For a girl, the possibilities are endless, we have many embellishments and backgrounds based on pink, yellow and purple, thus, baby will be pleased with the colours.

Christening Gifts Ireland 06
Christening Gifts Ireland 06


Personalised Baby Gift Frame

This blog is to introduce you to our colourful animal and safari themed personalised baby gift frame. First of all, are you looking to choose the perfect gift for new parents but don’t know what to choose? New parents love this particular baby name frame design. What little man wouldn’t like looking at this vibrant animal themed baby name frame. Similarly it would make an ideal baby boy christening gift. See our full range of personalised baby girl gifts on our website Shauna Gra.

This frame, and more, can be seen at the Craft Fair we participated in last year.

Baby keepsakes personalised

This baby keepsake is personalised with the baby name. I have glued animal buttons on to a cute wooden tree embellishment. I chose various types of animal buttons made up of elephant, cheetah, fox, racoon, lion, zebra and giraffe buttons. Finally placing a rustic heart on either side of the tree stump and put a lion button in the centre. Perfect for the little boy who has a jungle inspired nursery. At the top of the design I have incorporated the baby’s date of birth. I have divided the date up using little rustic hearts to separate the numbers.

Personalised baby gift frame

In this particular personalised baby gift frame, I have used seven wooden tiles. Rather than over crowding the design I recommend using between seven to nine wooden tiles in this particular baby name frame.  I stuck the wooden tree on to a blue and white stripe background. Hence, this compliments the safari animal jungle themed buttons perfectly on this personalised baby gift frame. See all our newborn baby girl presents on our Personalised Baby Frames page.

Personalised baby birth frames

Finally, to complete all my designs on this birth frame, I finish off with a handmade button in the bottom right-hand corner. If you like the look of the design but would prefer it for a little baby girl please get in touch.  I can also accommodate if you would prefer a neutral gender background as well. Customers can purchase this baby boy animal themed frame from our website. Why not avail of a matching card for an extra €2.00?. It makes your life more convenient being able to purchase a personalised frame with a handmade card at the click on a button.

Personalised baby girl photo frames

If you are looking for personalised baby girl photo frames, or baby keepsakes personalised with a picture, please contact us. Some customers like to have a personalised new baby print inserted into their frame. That would make the frame perfect as a gift for new born baby boy, or as a gift for new born baby girl.

Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Are you looking for handcrafted unique baby shower gifts?. If so, we have just what you are looking for. This is one of our most popular personalised new baby gifts. It is a cute baby frame gift, it is personalised with the baby’s name and date of birth. It has a timber rocking horse in the middle of it, with cute rustic hearts. This frame is for a newborn baby boy, so the colour scheme is blue. Imagine the baby’s face when they see the cute rocking horse. Or image the person that gets this cute gift and their reaction when they see their baby’s name and date of birth on it. When you spend your money on a gift online, you want a quality product and good customer service. This is, I hope, what we can provide you. Our site has secure credit card shopping and many 5 star customer reviews.

You can see this cute baby gift on our product pages at Shauna Gra

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

It starts when you are wondering (how much should I give for a baby shower gift?). Or, perhaps you are wondering (do you have to bring a gift to a baby shower?). Or if youre searching for unique baby shower gifts. Well, the answer is simple, you need a gift that the person will love, and they can see you put some thought into picking it. Personalised christening gifts Ireland, all our gift frames are indeed personalised and unique. From our experience, people that receive a personalised gift really appreciate it. (some people also call them custom baptism gifts). There is nothing worse than getting a gift that says (ahh, this is all I could find for a gift for you, at the last minute). Our cute personalised baby gifts suit many occasions. The make the perfect baby shower gifts for mom’s, and are great as personalised newborn baby gifts. People also purchase our frames as christening gifts for twins, or christening gifts for boys. So, why not drop by and see what baby christening gifts we offer to suite you.

See our full range of baby gifts on our Personalised Baby Frames category on our website.

What Are The Best Unique Baby Shower Gifts That We Offer?

Any of our baby frames are ideal as unique baby shower gifts, baby christening gifts, baby birthday gifts or just a gift to say your baby is so cute, and welcome to the world. If you have specific requirements for you christening baby gift, let us know and we will do our best to help you. We also created many christening gifts godson, and christening gift girl baby presents. We also have special offers, when you purchase a gift frame, you can upgrade to the gift package where you get a half price card. The card will suite the occasion that the frame is for. We are proud of our 5 star customer reviews, when you visit our site, be sure to view our Facebook reviews page. This is our full time passion, so we offer you fast shipping and reliable service, and will deliver your special christening gifts on time.

We also offer the following on our website:

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Baby And Christening Gifts

Welcome to Shauna Gra. Are you looking for baby and christening gifts?. Or perhaps you are wondering what are the best christening gifts for a god daughter?. We create many types of christening and baby frames. Which can be ersonalised with baby’s name and date of birth.  Hence, these would make perfect baptism gifts from grandparents, or baptism gifts from godparents as well. Please see examples of our cute gift frames below. You can also check out our blog post on Personalsied Christening Gifts.


Please see all our Personalised Name Frames

Personalised christening / baptism gifts

This frame is for a girl and has a white frame & pink teddies. It is personalised with the baby name and date of birth, and would make a perfect baptism or christening gift. I went with a cute pink colour scheme in a modern white frame for this design. I put the baby name at the top with cute rustic hears on it. The middle of the frame has a pink striped background and a lovely silver tree on it. The date of birth is in cute pink numbers with girlie pink buttons to separate the numbers. The words (Christening Day) are on the bottom with more rustic brown hearts.


We also offer wedding and family gift frames, see our Personalised Name Frames

We recently went to a craft fair here in Dublin Ireland, it was in St Maurs Gaa club in Rush. You can read all about our Craft Fair Tips and Tricks

Unique Baby And Christening Gifts

All our baby and christening gifts are unique, as each one is handmade by me, in my craft office. So, if you were wondering what is a good baptism gift for a baby girl, here it is, we hope you like it. This is just one of our range of personalized christening gifts for girls. If you need a personalised gift for twins, no problem, we can create one for you. Our frames would also suit as unique first birthday present for boys or girls. We have sold many of our frames as catholic baptism gifts.


Some People Call Them Baptism Gifts

Yes, some people call this type of gift a baptism gift, or baby and christening gifts. The frame is constructed of strong MDF, and the glass is unbreakable safety perspex (this will put your mind at ease, and protect those little fingers). It would make a cool baptism gift for a girl. I assembled this frame with strong glue and rulers to keep it straight, until it dried. Afterwards,I tested it for durability (as we do with all our frames, to make sure they reach you in perfect condition). We can alter this frame for you if you would like a personalized christening gift for a boy. Lots of our customers are looking for christening gifts for their god-daughters, or personalized baptism gifts. Last week, we got an order from a godmother, she was looking for a godson gift, we created a lovely frame for her.


Personalized Christening Gifts For Girls

This gift frame is for a girl (hence the pink and cute pink background) we have created many baby girl baptism gifts.

We also create gifts for boys, personalized christening gifts from godparents, and personalized christening gifts for god daughters. Why not take advantage of our frame and card offer. If you purchase a gift frame, you can upgrade to this offer and get a card for two Euros. Please see our customer reviews page to see what other people say about our gifts. We try to provide fast and reliable shipping once an order is placed. Hence, lots of people ask us (what do grandparents give for baptism gifts), our answer. (see below)